We’ve always been driven to achieve reliable business results: increased profits, high rate of return, efficient use of capital. Now, we’re deepening our focus on why we do our work.


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Our CEO Bill Bosway was on Nasdaq TradeTalks this afternoon. He chatted with global markets reporter Jill Malandrino about everything from how invested our employees are in their local communities to how the company has grown and evolved ahead of its 50th anniversary, which we’re celebrating next month. He now believes we’re in a position to solve some of the world’s biggest problems as we look forward to the next 50 years. Give it a listen:

We’re here to deliver both human and business impact. We believe that’s the best path for serving our people, our customers, and our investors. While value drives every company, not all value is created equal.

By focusing on the areas that matter most: comfortable living, sustainable power, and productive growing, we are creating a more meaningful impact on the world and people’s lives.

We are focusing our efforts primarily in attractive markets:

  • Agtech
  • Renewable Energy
  • Residential

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