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1. How can I obtain printed copies of Gibraltar's financial information?
We have designed the Investor Relations section of our website to give investors quick and easy access to our financial documents and SEC filings, and you can review and download the information you need directly. You can also obtain hard copies of Gibraltar's financial results and documents by clicking here to request information, or by contacting:

Gibraltar Industries, Inc.
Investor Relations Dept.
PO Box 2028
Buffalo, NY 14219-0228
Phone: (716) 826-6500
Fax: (716) 826-1592
2. What is Gibraltar's ticker symbol?
Gibraltar's stock trades on The NASDAQ Global Select MarketSM under the symbol, "ROCK."
3. How long has Gibraltar been a public company?
Gibraltar completed its Initial Public Offering on November 4, 1993, when 2.5 million shares were issued at a price of $7.33 per share.
4. What end markets does Gibraltar serve?

The Company operates and reports its results in the following three reporting segments:

  • Renewable Energy and Conservation;
  • Residential Products; and
  • Industrial and Infrastructure Products.

The Renewable Energy and Conservation segment is primarily a designer and manufacturer of fully engineered solutions for solar mounting systems, greenhouse structures and botanical oil extraction systems. This segment offers a fully integrated approach to the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of solar racking systems, including electrical balance of systems, and commercial, institutional, and retail greenhouse structures servicing customers, such as community solar owners and developers, retail garden centers, conservatories and botanical gardens, commercial growers, schools and universities, and botanical oil processors.

Our Residential Products segment services the residential repair and remodeling and to a lesser extent the new housing construction markets in North America with products including roof and foundation ventilation products, centralized mail systems and electronic package solutions, outdoor living products (retractable sun-shades), rain dispersion products and other roofing and related accessories. Our residential product offerings are sold through a number of sales channels including major retail home centers, building material wholesalers, building product distributors, buying groups, roofing distributors, residential contractors, property management companies and postal services distributors and providers.

Our Industrial and Infrastructure Products segment serves a variety of end markets such as industrial and commercial construction, highway and bridge construction, automotive, airports and energy and power generation through a number of sales channels including discrete and process manufacturers, steel fabricators and distributors, commercial and transportation contractors, and power generating utilities. Our Industrial and Infrastructure product offerings include perimeter security, expanded and perforated metal, plank grating, as well as, expansion joints and structural bearings for highway bridges.

Please see additional information on our end markets here.

5. What is Gibraltar’s growth strategy?
Gibraltar’s strategy is to grow organically by expanding its product portfolio and penetration of existing customer accounts, while broadening its market and geographic coverage through the acquisition of companies with leadership positions in adjacent product categories.
6. What is Gibraltar's dividend policy?
Gibraltar Industries regularly reviews its capital deployment plans in the context of its growth strategy and its focus on increasing shareholder value. The Company’s current capital deployment plan is centered on acquisitions that can accelerate its strategic growth.
7. Does Gibraltar offer direct stock purchase or dividend reinvestment programs (a DSP or a DRIP)?
Currently the Company does not, but Gibraltar stock can be purchased from almost any brokerage firm, including discount or online brokerage services.
8. Who is Gibraltar's transfer agent?
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC has served as Gibraltar's transfer agent since its Initial Public Offering. They can be contacted at: 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11219, or by calling (212) 936-5100, or visit their web site at www.amstock.com
9. Who should I contact if I lose my stock certificate?
American Stock Transfer & Trust
59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level
New York, NY 10038
(212) 936-5100
10. Who should I contact if I have a name or address change?
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level
New York, NY 10038
(212) 936-5100